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A Room With A Pew

        A Room With A Pew is a unique column offering a fresh perspective on clergy abuse and the healing process. Using memoir, stories and poetry, the column reflects the experiences and opinions of Paul Fericano, a survivor of clergy sexual abuse who attended St. Anthony’s Seminary in Santa Barbara, California, in the sixties.  

 SafeNet's List of Franciscan Offenders 

Release Forthcoming Pending Final Review (2019)

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Welcome to SafeNet

   Offering Help and Hope for All Survivors of Clergy Abuse

          SafeNet is an all-volunteer advocacy group founded by survivors of clergy sexual abuse that promotes and supports the entire healing process. Its primary focus is on the needs of survivors with regard to health and well-being. It is not aligned with any religion or religious group.

         When survivors of clergy abuse are listened to and believed, they become empowered to use their own voices to bring a measure of peace to their lives. Over the years, SafeNet has assisted hundreds of men and women by encouraging them to utilize the resources available to them, including psychological, emotional, and legal counseling, as well as various other health and wellness support services.

         Established in 2003, SafeNet continues to communicate with church officials willing to promote genuine pastoral outreach, establish options for restorative justice, and to implement policies of transparency and disclosure.  This assistance extends to parishes, communities, perpetrators, and both diocesan and religious order  members of the clergy.

        Seeking the truth often requires looking for it in dark and forbidden places. Acknowledging the risks, SafeNet commits itself to this search with respect, understanding, and compassion--three elements essential to every stage of recovery.  

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