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The Songs of Salvi Durango

            For more than fifty years, my brother Salvatore Fericano (1946 - 2022) wrote, performed and recorded songs under his stage name, Salvi Durango. Some of the musicians, artists and friends he collaborated with included Pete Seeger, Willie Nelson, Paula Nelson,  Tom Stryker, Lady Bianca, Stephen Hart, Matt Hubbard, Guno Ronde, Robb Kidd, JT Holt and Brian Bekon.

            Big, tall, long-haired, bearded and dressed in black, Sal used his outlaw persona to channel life’s joy, sorrow, anger and playful exuberance into clever songs that often masked personal pain.

            A former student of St. Anthony's Seminary (1960 - 1962), Sal was a courageous survivor of clergy sexual abuse. Like so many others who were harmed as children, he tended his wounds in silence. His distrust of religion and all patriarchal institutions helped fuel his desire to find beauty and create art. In the end, it was music that lifted his spirit and a sense of humor that rescued him

Song Selections

Bankin' on the Red, White and Blue

Vocals: Salvi  Durango; Willie Nelson; Paula Nelson





Old Abraham's Grave

Vocals: Salvi  Durango; Harmonica: Tom Stryker

Old Abraham's GraveSalvi Durango
00:00 / 05:17
1. Salvi Durango - Bankin' on the Red, White and BlueSalvi Durango
00:00 / 04:05
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